Revitalization Planning

There is no better urban policy than bringing old neighborhoods back to life.  This is our passion and our specialty.  We build your strategy from the ground up: tap the data, meet the people, kick the dirt. We delve into the strategic and creative solutions in your community.  Along the way we energize the entire environment for ownership and implementation. Our plans are alive. 

Creative Placemaking

Nothing is as universally revered and accessible as art.  Few people are more adventurous or community minded as creatives.  We've used our real estate development skills and resources to create permanent spaces for them in our community.  In turn, they shifted the whole dynamic of a neighborhood in positive and inclusive direction. 

Non-profit Creation

An effective neighborhood plan is most successful with grass-roots ownership. A well-built, well-lead, neighborhood non-profit can champion your plan on the street and at city hall. We'll set up a powerful and sustainable community development corporation that will leverage the resources and relationships needed to put all of the pieces together.