Creative Community Planning

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Long videos don’t get watched. Or shared.


Short videos do!


Make them short and clean.

And make more of them.

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Just as a word processor won't make you William Shakespeare, an iphone and Final Cut Pro won't make you Steven Spielberg - Dominic Buciemi


Not everyone is a professional video maker, but everyone is a professional video watcher! - Trevor Torrence


Whatever you do, make it short and tight or no one will share it on Facebook! Five one-minute videos are a million times better than one five minute video. Nobody has time or money for Gone with The Wind! - Jim Sweeney


We can make "Gone with the Wind" but you don't need it.

What you need is 45 seconds of clean and compelling story telling.

Beach Cleanup Volunteers

Jim Sweeney is one of you. As ED of the Franklinton CDC for 15 years, he's been in those trenches. He developed affordable housing, built community infrastructure, and created the campaign to rebrand “The Bottoms” as a (now) successful arts district and attracting significant investment to the neighborhood. Much of his success was due to skill in telling his story.

If we want to get some great looking pics, we bring in Andy Spears. While a professional photo-journalist Andy loves comunity . Award winning series on poverty in Appalachian Ohio.  His work has appeared in the New York Times. 

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We believe in your work
and want to help tell your story.*
We're community development people who also make video.

* at a community development price!!